At In My Back Yard, Misty Hollow we grow, gather and explore nature's bounty for food, flavor and health.  Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, and hands-on workshops extend the reciprocal relationship of human and earth health to our shareholders & neighbors. Those who work with us move from being passive to active participants, from the ground up, in the creation of their own body and life. 

OUR BEGINNING at IMBYmistyhollow:  
We are: Sally Hammerman, an artist, teacher, and a nurse;  Jim Hammerman , a self-taught carpenter, teacher, and grower. 

Jim wished to grow plants full-time.  Sally, not wanting mud-muck added to our 1700’s creamery/home said “build a barn,” so he did.  Jim, encouraging Sally to join him in the fields, said “come grow with me,” and she did.  We feel blessed with the community that joins our efforts. 

TODAY at IMBYmistyhollow
Our  logo?  Thanks to a combination of Jim Ehlers @ ATG Design and the team of Terry Macalonie and Carol Estonell, we have a wonderful “mascot,”  the Green Man combined with script that says just who we are in it’s delivery.  Click on one of the Green Man images.    
 Our farmland is growing - As we don’t really have a front yard, we started crops, herbs and flowers in the “back yard” of the house.  Our grounded ethics say “Why waste perfectly good soil on grass that just sits there waiting to be mowed?”   
The ’10 garlic is developing aromatically.  Many seeds have been started for the ’10 Spring season and shareholders are joining us in the delight of new beginnings.
Our high tunnel has wintered over broccoli raab and mustard greens.  those who work with us can take them.  Praises have been sung to them!
We are excitedly forming our CSA for the growing season of ‘10.  Welcome to those of you who have contacted us.  We’re looking forward to an active year.  
The Make & Take Workshops are resuming for ’10 on the second Saturday of the month.  We also have some Sunday workshops forming.
 Garden Goddess is currently using the herbs and flowers from the garden to create three enriched medicinal bath salts to Relax, Renew, and Relieve our bodies.  We have been told that the recipes for these salts are true to their names.  Garden Goddess has also developed a body cream and a hand cream - especially for those rough, gardened, dry hands and fingers!   All available on request & in Member’s  Shed.
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED TO OUR CONTACT LIST, FOR UPDATES AND WORKSHOPS please send your email address to us at “Contact Us” above in the right-hand box.  We use this list for nothing else.

Our Photo Library has a collection of photos from IMBY which cover “Growing Photos,” “Building Photos,” IMBY at UNI,” “The Green Man Celebration,” and “Bugs.”  As people send us photos and as we get the opportunity to shoot, we add.  Check it out!

In My Back Yard misty hollow    1020 East Street Road, Westtown, PA  19395
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